Internal Ceilings & Walls - Wallpaper


Substrates included in the internal ceilings & walls - wallpaper - category include white embossed, lining paper, and woodchip.

Common Problems:

Blistering PaperPoor application of adhesive/Poor surface preparationOpen blister, apply adhesive to back of paper, allow to soak. Smooth back
Edge LiftPoor adhesion of old wall coveringsStick back with adhesive
Seams SplittingInsufficient adhesive/ Poor surface preparationApply adhesive to back of paper. Allow to soak, smooth back
Tackiness of New Paint Vinyl Silk on Blown VinylsApply Vinyl Matt prior to sheen paint
Uneven AppearancePatchy appearance when painted/Emboss not filled adequatelyUse correct roller sleeves to suit emboss
Porosity of New WallpaperAffects absorption of paint coatingsThin down initial coat of paint
FlashingPatchy appearance when looked at from different anglesApply paint evenly. Avoid touching up after application
Grinning ThroughPrevious paint can be seen beneath the new coatingApply paint evenly. Avoid brushing out too much. Apply further coats
* Please refer to primers guide for a selection of primers to use as part of the comprehensive Johnstone’s range. Primers are to be used as part of a system.

Recommended Finishes:

SUITABLE JOHNSTONE'S PRODUCTSUnpaintedLight WorkMedium WorkHigh Traffic
Covaplus Vinyl MattOtherOtherOther  
Vinyl Silk  OtherOther  

(Please Note: Products recommended above are for guidance only. For further advice on full painting systems, preparation, primers and undercoats, please contact the Johnstone's technical advisory department on 01924 354100.)

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