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Keep up to date with Johnstone's Stormshield:

The Johnstone’s Stormshield exterior masonry paint and trim range is designed to:
  • Be applied over a range of surfaces including brick, render, blockwork and wood
  • Protect in harsh weather conditions and environments
  • Enhance exterior surfaces to look greater for longer

Through ongoing product development and research at PPG Architectural Coatings, Johnstone’s have developed a range of BBA approved, durable and lasting coatings that are made to give lasting protection to any exterior masonry, render or wood surfaces.

The effect of the weather on different types of surface materials that are left un-protected, or coated in the wrong paint, can have lasting and costly results.

Stormshield Masonry Range - Total Masonry Solutions:

Painting masonry is vital to help ensure lasting protection from the damage that can be caused by harsh conditions. Watch the video to find the best masonry paint depending on where you are painting.



General:Smooth   General: Textured  Hairline Cracks         365 Days           Urban Areas        Breathable

Exterior Gloss and Satin Wood Trim Paint

The wooden trim found around doors, windows, fascias and soffits, will be subject to movement and flexing can become exposed if they are left un-protected. Using the Johnstone's BBA approved, long lasting, microporous and flexible trim system will help to prevent these problems.

Masonry Paint Problems and Frequently Asked Questions

Problems can also arise with exterior coatings being subject to peeling, blistering and efflorescence salts amongst others, to deal with these problems see our Masonry Problems Advice and Masonry FAQs.