Johnstones Trade Paint

NEW Cleanable Matt

Johnstone’s Trade Cleanable matt brings the latest cleanable technology to professional paint. With advanced stain resistant technology this durable premium matt emulsion is designed to extend painting maintenance cycles, by staying matt for longer

What you need to know...


Easy to remove stains
Most stains can be cleaned and removed using warm soapy water. For more stubborn stains, a general purpose household cleaner can be used*


Advanced Stain Resistant Technology
Stops stains setting into the paint so they can be easily cleaned


High durability
Ideal for multiple rooms and high traffic areas including: halls, stairs, landings and busy corridors


Stays matt for longer
Keeps a premium matt finish even after being cleaned resulting in extending painting maintenance cycles and keep your projects looking better for longer

*Always check the cleaning instructions on the packaging of general household cleaning products

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Johnstones Trade Paint
Johnstones Trade Paint


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Johnstones Trade Paint
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