Johnstone's Trade Cleanable Matt 


Johnstone’s Trade Cleanable matt is a durable, premium matt emulsion that is designed to extend maintenance cycles with its easy clean technology. 

  • Available in any colour

  • Suitable for broadwall and trim 

  • 40x more durable than the standard matt emulsion 


Johnstone's Cleanable Matt is designed for high traffic areas with x40 more durability than a standard matt emulsion and is resistant to over 10,000 scrubs.


The innovative formula contains Easy Clean Technology which is tested to resist tough household stains, both chemical and liquid. Johnstone's Trade Cleanable Matt brings the latest cleanable technology to professional paint, protecting your end result for longer.

Cleanable Matt Product Guide


Easy Clean Technology


Johnstone's Cleanable Matt contains innovative ingredients that stop stains setting into the film, making cleaning easy.

The most common household stains are easy to clean with lukewarm water and a soft cloth. Its high quality, durable binder ensures that the formulation stays matt, standing the test of time and keeping your reputation spotless. 

5 Easy Steps to maintain your finish

  1. Always use soft cloth's or sponges 

  2. Always clean with mild detergents or a soap solution

  3. Use smooth circular motions

  4. Clean beyond the stained/soiled area 

  5. Always rinse with clean water and leather down to leave the surface clean and free from smears 

What to avoid

  1. Avoid using abrasive or concentrated cleaning agents

  2. Do not use rough textured cleaning pads or cloths 

  3. Avoid cleaning in heavy circular motions 


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