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Johnstone’s Trade Perfect Matt is an innovative matt wall paint that eliminates the impact of visible application marks highlighted by critical lighting and the extra time it takes to rectify them. Innovative Smooth Layer technology creates a flawless finish with ease and in any colour. Need to re-touch? No problem. The end result will still be flawless.

Characteristics of Johnstone's Trade Perfect Matt

  • Eliminates visible application marks
  • Flawless flat matt finish
  • Effortless spot repair
  • Class 1 scrub resistance

The on trend flat matt finish and superior opacity levels contribute to the flawless finish too. Plus, the premium matt emulsion has a Class 1 scrub resistance and therefore can withstand cleaning without burnishing.
Thanks to a balanced ratio of binding agent, additives and pigments, the formulation allows you to achieve a flawless result even in the brightest light.
Johnstone’s Trade Perfect Matt can be tinted to the full colour range including our exclusive Voice of Colour range.

Frequently Asked Question's

Does Johnstone's Trade Perfect Matt cover wall imperfections?
Due to the Smooth Layer Technology and low sheen level Johnstone's Trade Perfect Matt does hide surface imperfections but this is dependent on the structural imperfections in the first place and / or other factors such as the severity of the surface, critical lighting, and standard of application.
How flat is the product i.e. what is the gloss level in % terms? 
The product has a flat matt finish with a sheen level of just 2%

How long after application can you still retouch?
There will always be certain limitations with regard to the timeframe for spot repair. Most revolve around decorating practices and site specifics, these include batch to batch variations, the accumulation of surface contaminants, cleaning and maintenance.

What makes Johnstone's Trade Perfect Matt different?
As well as all the benefits of Smooth Layer technology, Johnstone's Trade Perfect Matt also offers Class 1 scrub resistance, a full colour offer and exceptional opacity.


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Johnstone's Trade Smooth Layer Technology

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