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Better indoor air starts with Johnstone’s Air Pure

Johnstone’s Air Pure is an innovative bio-based flat matt wall and ceiling paint, which helps to improve indoor air quality.
From the first day of application the active Air Purifying Technology neutralises up to 70% of formaldehyde from indoor spaces - instantly creating better indoor environments. Formulated with a bio-based binder and contained in 100% recycled packaging. Johnstone's Air Pure is the ultimate eco-friendly solution, accredited by independent third party certification. 
Air Pure Credentials:
  • Removes up to 70% of formaldehyde from the air
  • Made from 45% renewable raw materials
  • Independent test certificates (formaldehyde reduction, bio-based formulation, EPD)
  • Verified BRE Environmental Product Declaration calculated using EN15804
  • Available as a BIM object in the National BIM Library
  • Listed in NBS Building and NBS Create.

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View the Formaldahyde Reduction Eurofins Report
View the Biobased and Biogenic Carbon Testing Laboratory Report

Frequently asked questions:

What does bio-based mean?
A bio-based paint product means that the paint is produced with use of renewable raw materials instead of fossil raw materials.
How can you determine whether a product is bio-based?
The way to determine the bio-based content of a product is according to the international standard ASTM D6866. Without compromising on high quality and performance, Johnstone's Air Pure is formulated using 45% renewable materials [certified by BETA Analytic in accordance with ASTM D6866].

Why is indoor air quality important?
Clean air is essential for life, health & the environment.  Yet air pollution (both indoor and outside) has been identified as one of the UK’s biggest public health challenges, shortening lifespans and damaging quality of life for many people.  Any improvement to the quality of our indoor air through use of better, cleaner technologies and simple changes in behaviour will reduce the environmental risk to human health in the UK from the damaging chemicals present in the air.

How does Johnstone’s Trade Air Pure improve the quality of indoor air?
Johnstones Trade Air Pure is a better cleaner paint technology that contains special additives which have been shown to reduce up to 70% of formaldehyde from the air from day one. 


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