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We are proud of our technical expertise and like to share our knowledge through educational and RIBA-approved seminars.

Browse through our RIBA-approved seminars below to gain a brief insight to the key learning points and book a session with our Specification Development Managers to earn CPD points through presentations that consider issues contained within the core curriculum.

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Understanding Colour

Addresses the importance of specifying the right colour schemes and provides an understanding of colour, including; the science of colour, how we see it, colour psychology, the effect on built environments, communicating colour, colour referencing systems and colour in practice.

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Specifying Sustainable Paint Systems

Outlines key points to consider when creating sustainable paint specifications including; the environmental impact and VOCs, a manufacturer’s environmental responsibilities, the effect on people, performance versus sustainability, regulations and guidance, and colour in practice.

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Wellbeing Design and Specifying Paint Systems

Gives insight into the key aspects of Wellbeing, its application to architecture & design and will cover practical approaches to integrating people focused design to positively impact the health, wellbeing and productivity of occupants through the specification of paint and colour systems in the pursuit of happiness. 

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Decorative Fire Protection for Internal Linings

Designed to provide you with an understanding of the importance of specifying flame retardant coatings to protect walls and ceilings in public buildings, including information on how to protect internal linings and the importance of flame retardant coatings to meet Building Regulations and fire safety guidelines.

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Extending Maintenance Cycles through Paint

Describes the importance of maintenance painting and how paint can extend the life cycles of buildings, including; guidance on maintenance painting, defects and remedial solutions and how to achieve sustainable and manageable life cycles.

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Anti-Bacterial Coatings for Internal Surfaces

Explains how anti-bacterial coatings help fight infection caused by harmful bacteria through; identifying the effects of bacteria, different coatings options, how such coatings work and the evidence of effective coatings through test results.

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Identifying and Specifying Paint Treatments for Metal Substrates

Helps the specifier identify metal substrates and their coatings (including powder coating and plastisol) and recommends suitable decorative paint systems that can protect against erosion from environmental pollution.

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The Decoration of Floor Surfaces

Identifies different floor substrates and recommends the appropriate paint system. It also includes common breakdown causes and methods of preparation, highlighting which paint solutions protect and enhance aesthetic appearance.

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